American Helicopter Society

ahs-color-logoThe American Helicopter Society (AHS) International and the European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF) International committee work together to promote each other’s activities via various media.
The American Helicopter Society (AHS) International is the world’s oldest and largest technical society dedicated to enhancing the understanding of vertical flight technology. AHS International is a non-profit education and technical organization. Since it was founded in 1943 – just as the first US helicopter was being put into service – the Society has been the primary forum for interchange of information on vertical flight technology. According to the AHS Bylaws, the purpose of the Society is to “advance the theory and practices of the science of vertical flight aircraft.”
The ERF Cheeseman award best paper is automatically integrated into the AHS annual Symposium; the author is invited by AHS and ERF organisation is in charge of paying the travel. Symmetrically, the best paper from AHS is invited to be presented at the ERF: The paper is integrated in the programme and the author is invited.