Chairman Award

As of the 43rd ERF, the Chairman Award has been initiated, awarding the Best Paper with a focus on International Cooperation.
The winner will be invited to present the winning paper at the Asian/Australian Rotorcraft Forum (ARF).

ERF Year / Place Winner Paper Title
49 2023 B├╝ckeburg Not awarded.
48 2022 Winterthur Anna Kostek, DLR, Germany Experimental investigation of UAV rotor aeroacoustics and aerodynamics with computational cross-validation
47 2021 Conference call (virtually due to COVID-19 pandemic) Neda Taymourtash, Politecnico di Milano, Italy Experimental Study of Rotor Loads in Ship Airwake: Comparison of Static and Dynamic Testing Approach
45 2019 Warsaw Armin Weiss, C. Christian Wolf, Kurt Kaufmann, Johannes N. Braukmann, Markus Raffel, Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, German Aerospace Center, DLR (Germany), James T. Heineck, NASA Ames Research Center (USA) Unsteady Boundary-Layer Transition Measurements and Computations on a Rotating Blade Under Cyclic Pitch Condition
44 2018 Delft Laurent Binet, ONERA, France Simulation tools for UAV/OPV autorotation performance metrics evaluation
43 2017 Milan Antonio Visingardi and others from CIRA (Italy), DLR (Germany), NLR (The Netherlands), NTUA (Greece), ONERA (France), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), University of Glasgow (United Kingdom) Forces On Obstacles In Rotor Wake – A GARTEUR Action Group